A sincere thank you to everyone who helped fund The Sock.

The Sock has made concession speech for Election 2012.

The Sock urges everyone to do their civic duty and vote....for him.

The Sock may not have been invited to the presidential debates but he does have a word or two in response to what the Democratic and Republican candidates had to say last night.

The Sock's campaign tour has come to a rather abrupt ending.

The Sock's IndieGoGo campaign has begun!  Between today and September 18th, you can receive special rewards by contributing to The Sock's advertising campaign.  Visit indiegogo.com/thesock for details.




Welcome. You have discovered my
interactive digital networking site,
host to my soon-to-be award-winning
series, “Revenge of The Sock.”

Who am I? I am The Sock. The fear-
inducing felon of footwear. As I will
eventually be your unquestionable lord
and master (pending my conquest of the
world and all its governments) I have
commissioned this site to help you become
more familiar with me, thereby allowing
for an easier adjustment period for you
following my rise to power. You’re